Good Ways to Lose Hip Fat

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I know you crave a lot of foods with a lot of juicy calories…but along your workout, if any… it won’t exactly work right because it will weigh you down.

But there are a few ways you can combine the two. Essential thing is to have an exercise plan in mind, don’t be lazy now!


Go HERE post where you can get one of the many good exercises to associate with your meal plan.


So… here we go:


Don’t cut foods out of your meal plan


It is even recommended you add some high-protein, lower-calorie foods to your meal plan, because they can do no wrong. Specially fruits and veggies. For example soups… you can add some specific veggies that go with your receipt, and some fruit salads or such low sugar deserts. Just keep an eye out for the calorie limit you must have.


Do regular walks, as a basic cardio exercise.



Specially if the weather if your friend, instead of jogging or running, walking is a very good basic cardio workout to keep them calories burning, and melting some fat along the way.

If you can’t get that walk in your busy schedule, do stuff like… park your car 5-10 minutes away, so you walk till it every time. It makes a bit of a difference, trust me!




Keep your favorite foods, but try to lower the calories within them.


Try to replace the high-calories with fibers, cause it makes you feel more full for longer so you won’t crave a lot of stuff, like for instance add a cup of whole wheat flour to your meal, of some red bell peppers, or such stuff… Note: Lighten the drinks please! Let the sodas go…all together…no normal or diet soda! Maybe some light beer, or a bit of wine.






Drink as much water you can. At least 3-4 liters a day.

Water is a very important ingredient for weight loss, because it stimulates your kidneys to eliminate the toxins faster.






Sleep is essential for shedding pounds.


Not only you load yourself with energy after a good sleep, the body burns calories while sleeping, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, normal sleepers have 5 percent more calories burned than the tired people. So keep this in mind.



Have some Will and find the required Motivation to keep on going.

Here, let me help you with that, here’s a video on How to Lose Hip Fat Naturally at Home. It may inspire you a bit, and they also give free stuff out.

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