Lack of Motivation can Cost You 30 lbs in 30 days

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The 2 most common problems, when it comes to stubborn fat, is the thigh and belly region. And because fat gets deposited very easily in these regions, it creates a fair amount of inconvenience and displeasure to people, but specially women, you might know why I mean this. Luckily there are quite a few ways of reversing this problem.

Specific exercises for those regions can do a fair bit, only, but ONLY if you commit to a healthy way of eating, because otherwise, the results are not that perfect. Some exercises like for example leg presses or squats can help you sculpt, tone or grow the muscle mass but it will not necessarily make you lose weight.  Best thing to do, along the exercises, is cardio exercise…like running, bicycle, thread mill, incline thread mill runs, whatever cardio exercise can be. They help in increasing the metabolism and the percentage of fat being burned. Doing Cardio for 30-40 minutes a day or at least for three to five hours a week is very good. You can do even the simplest cardio exercises like walking or jogging, even they give results if done constantly.

The diet menu is very important guys and girls!! By dieting I mean healthy and calculated eating of course…non of those crazy crash diets or God knows what else…

If you focus on a specific part of the body, the diet makes the difference, you can modify your meals so that you keep the status and only go for the better. Key elements of a cleaner diet, no excess fat, no sugars or sodium and there you go. Let me recommend an easy 1300 calorie a day meal plan, and easy to modify.



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